Life is what …what we make it…

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No matter who we are…No matter where we stand…No matter whichever religion, cast or creed we are…we share one thing in common…we talk of HUMANITY! We think of KINDNESS!

Mysteriously no one teaches to be kind to our own self!

We all are humans and we tend to make mistakes… we choose people from different arena as our role model but why don’t we become our own role models? why not we consider ourselves as our own HEROS? Every single time we fail to appreciate our own hidden potentials.

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 We fall in love with others, but what’s wrong in loving our own self?  I have seen people committing suicides as they fail in love…sometimes it looks funny you see…committing suicides because someone failed to give you the desired love and respect that you deserved at the first place or you commit suicide because you never found yourself lovable enough to fall in love with yourself!

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On one edge of the spectrum we say sky is the only limit and on the other end we are limited by the things we cannot change. There is a moment now where we need to realize that life cannot go backwards…we can look behind only for reference purpose but we can’t live there…

Before I sign out today, I want to convey only one aspect…Thats..YOU

Learn to respect yourself

Learn to be kind to yourself

Learn to be in love with yourself


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and last but not the least ….Love to see you here….


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