Parenthood is the most beautiful gift wherein God bestow us with the power to nurture a soul both emotionally and physically. It is one of the most blissful experiences to unleash the memoire of one’s own childhood.

However, there is other side too…


The unfortunate incidences like this, often leave us with a void, which gets preoccupied with hundreds of questions.

Can a child commit suicide? Does children feel humiliated and depressed too? Do they have viable ego? Do they also struggle like us in their respective domains? Is it possible to understand their requirements? What to do if our kids shares more with his/her friends than parents? 

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rediscover your own childhood in the children..

Time to think ponder… Let’s adjudge the ‘ESSENCE OF PARENTING’ once again…


Parents love their child the most, so it’s regardless and in fact pointless to discuss the do and don’ts!

I remember when I was five, my mother used to tell me that she is my best friend. She had patience to listen and I was acclimated to tell her every damn thing on this planet …

However, the hustles of day today life drifts most of us being parents and children being children, who are more instructed than taken notice off.

Concurrently, the growing age and confusion enhances the selectivity in sharing with the parents. That makes it even more important to establish a proper understanding and bonding.

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Why is that important to be a friend, more than a being a mother or a father?  What’s the disparity between two sorts of relations? How the two are different?

When you go and tell your problems to your friends, first of all they don’t get panicky to the extent our parents do and second of all they don’t scold us. That accounts for a huge diversity in the two reactions.

Lets Imagine a hypothetical case where in you are feeling bad about  something wrong you did …Out of guilt when you confront your parents, they scream at you, punishes you, scolds you or make the rules around you even more stringent…so ultimately and in short you have made your life simply a lot more hell!

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With such a negative feedback the child probably will resort to his/her friends wherein the chances of getting scolded or being humiliated are almost zero and probably you would get advice depending upon the maturity level of friend.

A friend cannot become mother/father but parents can become friends…so why not we spare sometime of our busy schedule to know about the things going on in the head of the child…let’s be calm a little and have patience to listen without thrashing them up.


It’s very important for a child to be responsible…and in order to initiate decision making, we have to allow them to take small decisions from the very beginning.

While traveling they may be given a small bag or a water bottle which will impart a feeling of being grown up and playing a contributing role in the family.


‘Being Unique is more important than being perfect’

Let the child grow up unique and different. Let the child follow his heart rather than being stringent about the predetermined rules.

Children should be taught how to think not what to think’…. Margaret Mead

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Every child is a kind of flower which is in need to blossom at his/her best…They are beautiful creation of God. Don’t judge them by our own benchmarks.

 “Comparison with oneself brings improvement, comparison with others brings discontent.” Betty Jamie Chung.

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“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  – Albert Einstein


Spending time with the growing children is much more important than pampering them with money. In fact the value of money must be taught at an early stage of the life.

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Children are keen observer with immense capacity to learn new things in life.

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The crux is they learn by observing things by themselves. So be a role model. Let them follow us each step of their lives.

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Parenting is a cluster of exquisitely delightful experience which should not be ruined by overt expectations. Not every child can be Einstein, or Picasso; it’s really crucial to let them explore themselves and be alive…

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