India has never stopped fascinating me…This is not an exaggeration just because I am an Indian….Had it not been the case, yet I would have been in love with the very idea of being Indian…

The rich heritage, the diversity with cultural integrity and unsurpassed connection between the people is unsurmountable!

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THE UNITY IN DIVERSITY is what INDIA stands for!

The way INDIA stands tall throughout the world is really amazing! We have best brains and best lot of hard working people…

From the nation which was well known as ‘the golden bird’ to the British colony and finally the present era. A lot has been changed, a lot recovered and a lot progressed and way more to go!

India is definitely coming out, shining bright, making its own place world over once again…

Quite recently I happened to drop in to New Delhi Railway Station; it has been remodeled to an extent that one can really enjoy being there…One can get themselves clicked, its so picturesque now…

Platform 1 the Grand Entrance for the welcoming journey!

I remember the days when the sight of railways used to be filthy with rats and cluttered up stuff; with the installation of ‘Bio-toilets’, the platforms are totally clean, no unhealthy sight, no dirt, well mopped floor.

Unbelievably beautiful…thats NEW INDIA SHINING INDIA

The station was so clean and beautiful that for I was almost lost for an hour; all around the faces were happy and content.

outside waiting area…

There is a provision of escalator and lifts on every platform now… Every Platform is being renovated and installation of lifts is taking place at a fast pace.

This is an essential commodity especially at railways where we carry heavy luggages!

The bright light of train as if ‘sun’ is emerging out after years of darkness...

Recently the administration has integrated an AC waiting area with a very nominal fee. I was stunned to see sofa, comfortable chairs and catering services provided at such a low cost; it was like a VIP lounges available at airports.

clean platform and illumination at its best..

All the sixteen platforms were so well illuminated that in fact it gave an illusion of a day!

OVER-BRIDGE with well marked Platforms and display of trains..
Glance at Indian Heritage as one pass by the platforms
The cleanliness and the happy faces!

 The ‘Swachh Bharat Initiative’ by Indian Government is really admirable; I can only say it has made INDIA PROUD! INDIA IS SHINING FOR SURE!

welcome to New India…:)

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