Female sexual objectification is when a woman being viewed primarily as an object of male sexual desire, rather than as a whole person.

When it is totally forgotten that she has a personality of her own, dreams in her eyes and zeal to reach stars! When it is considered that her only role to play on earth is to be a love interest, getting married to someone and bear his kids.

Where in majority of the sections of society the husband not the women per se is the one who decides what should be her role in the family, what dress she should wear or whether she should be working after marriage or not.

Sometimes few things have no meaning and at times they carry a very deep meaning inside. Objectification of women is not a problem or issue of today…it been done since centuries.

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I remember one such experience my friend Jasmine had with one of her matrimonial alliance; while the point of conversation was MOTHER’s LOVE!

Let me call the Guy as NPG (Narcissist Personality Guy).

NPG– All mothers love their children a lot …

Jasmine– Yes! …I am sure every woman on earth does!

NPG– I mean there love for their children can go to any extent, no matter what they do!

Jasmine – What do you mean? What do you mean by… what they do??

NPG– Well a mother will always love his child even if he commits something wrong!

Jasmine – What wrong?

NPG– Like for example… even if he rapes a girl, his mother will forgive him…Because her love for him will be more than anything wrong that guy has done!

Jasmine – What? Are you serious?….(after a brief pause) No I don’t think so….If I have a son and he does something wrong I’ll be the first one to get him punished by the court of law…

That girl is also someone’s daughter right?  How can you take a woman for granted? Be it your own mother or any other girl!

Wrong is wrong …No matter who does it…what if… If you get daughter, will you still think the same?? Will it be okay for any guy to do anything because his parents will forgive him?

Are we as parents don’t bear any responsibility to ingrain good values of life irrespective of the gender? Our sons and daughters are our own treasures…to inculcate respect for each other and work as a unit is our responsibility …It’s a matter of concern to see things get remarkably different when we have a daughter at home in comparison to the scenario when there is son at home!a


At societal level I remember one of the interviews of Laxmi Agarwal, an acid attack survivor; her only fault was that she had said ‘NO’ to a proposal of a guy who was supposedly interested in her! Throwing acid on someone does it signify love? Or it is reflection of something which is brewing in society, which speaks louder that women has no right to say NO!

Or that the guys have never been brought up in manner where they can assimilate the fact that they can be deferred and it is PERFECTLY NORMAL!

Or it is a misogynistic attitude to show who you are! Or something to prove that if I can’t get you no one else can get you either!

She is the director of Chhanv Foundation, a NGO dedicated to help the survivors of acid attacks in India. Laxmi received a 2014 International Women of Courage award by US First Lady Michelle Obama. She was also chosen as the NDTV Indian of the Year.


Why do we bear the tantrums of a guy? why are we often blind towards all his mistakes since childhood just because he carries XY chromosome? why do we snub off a girl child telling her that she should not be allowed to throw tantrums because then who will marry you? who would bear with you?

Why are the rules and regulations not the same! If throwing tantrums is bad it should be for both the sexes! How can it be good if you have a son and bad if you have a daughter? In fact we ourselves have reduced a women an object that is meant for men’s appeasement!


What does our daily soaps and Movies teach us… There are many songs that have completely itemized a woman…

A child of 5 years old sees this…sings songs like this…dances on the same song….why don’t we bother about the lyrics!!! We don’t scrap it then! Because we all are broad minded…

Is it possible to apprehend any change in the mindset of a child who is 16 now? Is it imaginable that he would now regard women! The same grown up child may be driving an auto or may be your present boyfriend…BUT, WHO CARES!

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when only consideration is TRP who cares for the human Integrity and respect!


The recent interview of cricketer Hardik Pandya in KOFFEE WITH KARAN show has created a stir! I am sure it did!

This show has probably thrown a light on the current mindset of the guys…the problem is not him alone, there will be many like him who just love women for their moves!

Why are we offended when he is so proud of his sexual flings; in fact his parents are so proud of him!

This guy had no idea what is he speaking whether that was right or wrong? He was disrespectful towards women because he has no idea that women can be respected too….

He was simply clueless because no one has ever taught him to behave with womenfolk! He was stumped because he possibly has never considered a woman to be anything more than sex!

With the present scenario I think upbringing of boys needs more efforts than that of girls!
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Something somewhere is deadly wrong!

At every home we have women…they are our mothers, sisters, wives or daughters! So when are we going to change our mindset towards them?…

A girl doesn’t need to be treated as Goddess the only thing she ever want is a society which respect for who she is!

Come on guys… Let’s change for GOOD!

A guy is automatically 10x more attractive if he has morals about respecting women.#lifefactquotes #countrythang #countrythangquotes #countryquotes #countrysayings

and finally….

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onus is on the society, parents, family and friends…when we want a better society tomorrow we need to help our own sons, brothers to develop a healthy mindset!


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  • nice blog… aptly said.. if all the mothers give good upbringing to their boys , then only society may change. Since years they have been moulding only the girls according to the boys , that’s why they are taken so much for granted and have become an object of male desire… Society must change for good…

  • perfect line

    “boys will be what they are taught”

    During vedic period, women had equally important status in all fields, their position was even superior to males. They were given the position of goddess Lakshmi.

    It was in modern period where women were supressed and menstruation was one of the points to supress/impurity, actually, females started accepting this.

    It is not only in India but everywhere in the world. Position of women is even worst in western countries, data shows that max. rapes are attempted in western countries.

    21st century got it in legacy, it is high time that we changed the society. It’s time to teach the boys and not the girls.