Every love story stays unique… With each one of us is being so exclusive and beautiful; the bond between two people can never be professed in words… Though the heart doesn’t reason…yet the reason why our heart beats for ‘someone special’ is enigmatic! Basically there exist no rules and regulations…and maybe that’s why they say all is fair in “love &war”…Haha…

Sabhi ke naam pe nahi rukti dhadkaneDilo ke bhi Kuch usool hua karte hain!’

  (A very beautiful quote:  Heart doesn’t skip a beat at anyone’s name….It follows its own rules to beat only and specifically for ‘the’ one…)

No words can better explain love than this…Probably all of us who so ever in love anytime in their life would have written and send to their ‘ THE LOVE’.

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The fact that the feelings doesn’t remain the same forever has always intrigued me….It always baffles that people marry because they were so much in love and this very fact itself gets lost in the pages of history… The person whom you had once said you would never leave is the one you leave forever? Is this the love  that fades away or is it us – who cant adjust with the changing circumstances?… life embarks a funny journey from ‘can’t live without you’ to ‘don’t want live with you?’

We love our parents and there exists differences there too…. yet we don’t leave them because there is no possibility of getting divorce with them…. we always try to speak up and mend the differences…why doesn’t this happens with our spouses or the loved ones?…because …solely because we always have this option of walking away… probably the easiest thing to do!run from the commitment and responsibilities…

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One lovely incidence changed my perspective towards life…It definitely had an impact and did help me understanding relationships better…. Its been a while when I was considering a car for myself…I was utterly confused which one? There existed hardly any difference between the higher version of one model and the lower version of next segment car…I was confused for days then ultimately landed up asking my sales person…well he said…ma’am it is out of  question what you can buy/afford; what matters is which one fulfils the need of your family…

His answer was beyond perfect…when I correlated the same principles on several day to day aspects of life …I realized that when we talk of relationships, apparently we think in terms of what we ‘deserve’; rather than the person who makes you feel strong and adds happiness to our years!

Spending all the savings to buy a car that we think matches our status…is less significant than buying a car and saving enough money to enjoy the journey as well…We don’t have to prove ourselves to anyone…. After all life is all about choices we make and decision we take in life!

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We purchase one particular model (car) by appreciating the positive attributes that it can do…Then why we leave a person for what he/she is not….why we fail to appreciate 95% good things in a person and love to remember those 5% things where that person might have gone wrong…we are all human right…Then….why mistake is not allowed??…

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To be with someone who adds elixir to the life is way more important than having a trophy husband or wife!

Why we forget the actual meaning of LOVE…..It is not a business deal…it is all about ACCEPTANCE….sharing and caring!

Now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story no one on earth has ever read, which goes on forever; in which every chapter is better than the one before - C.S. Lewis


Why not let’s walk all over again with different mindset with only love, affection being the priority! Let’s fall in love with the personality not the appearances….Let’s once again realize that money does matter to certain extent but beyond that it means nothing…Let’s take a step towards peace and comfort rather than materialism and show off!

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lets take a step together towards –A walk to Remember! A life which can be more fulfilling and blissful than anything else!


stay loved


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