Life has a beauty of its own…and the best part about it is …its always happening!!  No matter even if it drips down at certain moments invariably the very next moment it finds its way up… somewhat like the simple harmonic motion of the wall clock.

The pendulum moves from its highest position to the lowest, gets back to the highest and the motion continues….No matter what was the position; the total energy remained constant (i.e. the sum of potential and kinetic energy…).

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Infact a little physics can help us in understanding life…why to leave medical science behind … whether medico or not, I guess we all have seen the wave pattern of ECG…the PQRS complex signify the cardiac activity which symbolically represents the highs and lows of life…

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Life doesn’t exist in a straight line…then why do we want life to run through a smooth road…why not twists and turns?? Why are we not able to accept merits and flaws of life gracefully? We can’t just go up; up n up the hill…we need to get back too someday? Let go all your fears and EMBRACE LIFE!!

The foundation of life lies in the spectrum of emotions which ranges from dismal to ecstasy… as we move from one edge of the spectrum to the other somewhere lays our fears…sometimes we get so over occupied with the feeling of fears that it literally affects our efficiency…For? To get worried for something which never ever happens….something which doesn’t even exists…Image result for fear quotes

Fear causes the angst that prohibits doing things which could have been the first step towards achieving life goals…or standing tall!

One of my friends, during his driving lessons  ran over the divider and guess what he never drove again…Did he get his share of enlightenment that he was not meant to drive? Or was he incapable of driving at the first place? Now he sits in the car, next to driver’s seat and it’s his father (around 70) drives for him…I asked him …shouldn’t it be the other way round?

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Shouldn’t that mean that he should have worked himself more in the practice session instead of getting succumbed to the fear of meeting an accident again?? Face the fears! If you look straight into the eyes of the fear; it gives up!!

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Let the fear give up not you!! Often the victory lies on the other side of the fear…

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The other day me and Jasmine were planning to go out …  I had a brief conversation with her…

Me-                               we could go to this restaurant…that’s a lovely place… 

Jasmine –                     Can’t we go to some other place??

Me       –                       Why?? What s wrong with this one??

Jasmine –                     because..beacuse….I don’t have good memories over there…

Me                               oh ya!! Do you mean because of that!! Are you serious?

(That was the place where she had gone coffee with her love interest last time before he broke up with her)

Jasmine                        I feel low going over there…

Me                               Come on....Let’s go together and make new memories of that place…Why do you want to associate that feeling with the place for the rest of your life!!  Just face it…

And guess what…we are regular at that particular coffee shop now…that place doesn’t remind her of anything happened before that…that place is just fresh filled with new memories…all filled with love and laughter’s…

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Getting scared is normal…there is nothing wrong…we all are at certain time…but getting succumbed to that emotion is not!!

Just accept the way life comes to you!! Face all your fears with dignity!! Don’t give up !! Add life to your years!!and lastly ….Embrace life…

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Lots of love!! stay tuned for my upcoming posts…


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