Redefining Love…

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved!!   –George Sand

Love defines deepest level of affection; yet again sometimes I think, we have not yet understood this very aspect of life…Even today …we are with one such question… on LOVE….What is Love? What is it all about? How comes you know you love someone or not? These were a couple of questions that I kept contemplating for long…until very recently; one small incident changed everything…

Let me share a brief story of what happened to my friend named Jasmine (name changed). She is one my greatest friend… very simple, cute, innocent kind of girl and of course beautiful; she was proposed by a guy (let’s say Joseph)… a guy next door… two years junior to her…Joseph explained her that how much he had loved her from the bottom of his heartHe will make sure that he is there in all ups and downs of her life…and she will be like a princess in his world… Jasmine could have said yes but she denied…she had had her own reasons… Not that the guy wasn’t good or anything but just that she wasn’t comfortable!! Probably she had not felt about him the same way… whatever!!The subsequent course of events was way more interesting…

Joseph was trying to persuade her to say yes….and in the process he blamed her for every damn thing that possibly had gone wrong on this planet…He claimed that she had used him as a friend…not less but he also mocked her with some personal comments that she couldn’t take it…

Anyhow this melodrama ended with complete absorption of the friendship between Jasmine and Joseph…I kept speculating did Joseph love her really?  How could he use those words for someone he claimed to be in love with…and if he knew she was materialistic why he ever wanted her??  You can’t hurt the person you love!!

We often get confused between liking and loving someone…when we like a flower we pluck it and keep it with ourselves…like our own asset…whereas when in love we water the plant daily… feel happy to see it growing…see it blooming…this is what our parent do…that’s the real love…

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Love is when happiness of the other person is more important than yours…Love is not in just owning the person…love is setting that person free…It liberates… whenever I see an acid attack survivor; I’m pained …I don’t think the person who threw the acid ever loved them…because you can never harm the person whom you love!!! That s not Love for sure…you can’t kill the person or his/her ambitions that you are in love with…

Love has no edge, its beyond limits that no one can describe…It exists everywhere in almost everything we do…It exists between our parents, family, friends, that special person, even with our pet if we have one….almost every person who cares about you…loves you….it’s like a wind…No words can describe…we can just feel it!!

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Love is when you love…for what the person is …If you loved ‘rose’ at the first place…and expect it to act like a ‘daisy’ or an ‘orchid’ next day… how is that feasible?? … why is that we want to change the person we love?let it be original…I had this one funny experience…I had met a guy under arranged alliance setting who wanted to marry me because the job I was doing and he was appreciating that I had attained certain level in my life…at the same time he wanted me to discontinue my job after marriage…I asked him…Why would I?? If you want someone not working, there are hundreds of option available…why do you have to look for someone who is working and then you want them not to work…he said..Because you are qualified!!!…well…No words…

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Love is not in pointing out mistakes…love is in acceptance…No one is perfect …neither you nor I am…yet love means to accept the person with all flaws and wisdom…

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Love is when you encourage the person to grow instead of caging inside the bars…love liberates

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Love is when you know you could be anywhere in this world but all you want is to be by the side of that special person……because life is better by that side!!!

Love is not in gifts; love is in care n affection…love is not in physical intimacy but in emotional connection!! If you are emotionally connected your bond is something…you can endure thru anything!! Love is not when the guy calls you at the middle of the night when he is horny…or asking for your indecent pictures…love is when he calls you by evening to know how your day was or to tell what he was thru the whole day!!

Love is in sharing every damn thoughtlove gives freedom to express yourself…Love is when the other person just allows you to be yourself…He /she won’t drag you to a situation where you aren’t comfortable with…

Let me share one of my best quotes from the book ‘walk to remember” by Nicholas spark-

Lastly I remember one line I would say for love...kynki tu dhadkan…mai dil!!(bz you are my heartbeat, i’m heart)

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