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Compassion is to look beyond your own pain, to see the pain of others’ –Yasmin Mogahed

In the journey called Life…there were occasions which gave me a different orientation altogether…they were small stepping stones which made me realise what life actually is…

There is one such random act of kindness…an  experience of its kind that can never escape my memories….this takes me back to almost a decade…I was pursuing MBBS in a beautiful town called Thanjavur, located in the hearts of Tamil Nadu… I was intern…apart from different food habits; the most important issue we often used to face was about getting enough off (to be able to go back home…) particularly when one has to travel all the way back to Delhi…it required a minimum of 1 week holiday in continuation (3 days to go and 3 days to travel back, so probably 1 day to be at home)…well those days were very different… flight fare were pretty high, unlike present days.. And since we were not earning much…Indian railways were the only resort…

My postings were about to switch… and I had gone really desperate like never before (to be back home)…so, the only concern was to somehow manage and get back home…no matter what..I booked my tickets…and since it was not planned well before time; my reservation was in waiting… still I was happy indeed…

Well on the day of my scheduled departure from Thanjavur (overnight journey from Thanjavur to Chennai); my best friend Samaria (name changed) dropped me @ station…I was a bit anxious (for not having confirmed tickets)…anyhow I boarded the train…With very little idea where to go… I spotted a compartment where there were all families & I sat at one corner of the lower berth… I kept my backpack down…flickered Samaria to leave as I waved her bye!!The train departed…

I was waiting anxiously for the Travelling ticket examiner (TTE)…may be he could get me one seat against any of the last minute cancellations…well the TTE turned up, he checked my ticket…dint say a word and went…TTE in that particular train were talked about of sending passengers to general compartment, if in case they happened to be travelling with the waiting ticket… I thanked God at least he allowed me to be there…well now what??? I checked my watch…It was 9:30pm…I wondered where to go…I thought maybe I can spread my bed sheet on the floor area in the middle of the compartment once everyone has settled down in their respective berths…Slowly one after the other all of the fellow passangers had started occupying their respective berths…and it was obvious by now that I was the one who had no seat…though I had not uttered anything much so far…but sometimes silence speaks even louder!!

There in that compartment, there was one Middle Age Gentleman(let’s call him MAG) travelling along with his teenage son …I think probably he would have been in his middle forties… they had middle berth and an upper berth diagonally opposite to each other… While MAG opened his middle berth; his son went on to lie in the upper berth; I was still sitting at the edge of the lower berth…infact I was waiting for him to settle down (all others had already)…so that I could have occupied the central floor area without much of the embarrasment…well he was simply doing something or the other…walking or tossing outside inside or what not…finally he turned up to me..

MAG– Are you travelling up to Chennai?

Me- yes

MAG– you must be studying..

Me– yes…I am a medical student…

MAG– actually …I usually sleep very late…not before 2 in the night…thats why I have been tossing lately…Why don’t you take my berth because anyhow I won’t sleep so early…

Me– No sir…you can be there at your seat…I place something on the floor…I’ll be just fine…it’s not an issue…I’ll be comfortable…

MAG– oh c’mon I’m not sleepy at present …so the seat is getting vacant only…and I’m in the habit of sleeping by 2-2:30am…

Me– with little reluctance…I said…Okay fine sir…but then you wake me up at 2 or whenever you have to sleep…I’ll get up…

MAG– sure …that’s perfect…

Me– Okay …fine then…just wake me up..

What happened next was not something that I had expected…as I shifted to his middle berth… within 5 minutes, he placed some newspapers on the floor and slept…I could see what this gentleman was up to…something I can’t express in words…I have a lot to be thankful for in life!!..yet this incidence had left its mark…I never knew this man…He came as a bliss and went by…I thanked him the next morning…yet my words of thankfulness were less …He did something that I had no words for…He is the one whom I may not be able to recognize him today…but he did leave an imprint … He proved what Humanity is all about…We all talk about compassion and love and he did it….He exhibited what compassion is all about…

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In my life there happened at times where I might have helped someone but that person dint turn up when I needed help of any sort…till then I used to crib…how people have gone selfish..I did help this or that…and look he/she not even bothered about me…why should we be helping anyway…when they dont even turn up??….

This particular incidence altered my perspective towards life… what I realized that day was… There exists an invisible bank, where all are good deeds are kept in record…so whenever we need any help…God send us someone …that’s Karma…whenever I was in distress, there were kind souls, who helped me out…And they were not the same whom I had helped…they were people who just helped and went by…whom I don’t even recognize today…I just carry the memories…so keep doing good…its gonna be back!!

The funda can be simply be correlated with our bank deposits…if there are sufficient funds in our banks…its  not necessary that we should withdraw it from the same branch…we can withdraw money from any ATM, we come across…all are simply interconnected …so does the goodness!! An act of Goodness is never wasted…it simply goes to our bank deposits…

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When we say good, do good…the good things do come back…

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Dont underestimate the power of love and helping others…it heals us first!!

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wish you all a very happy journey!!! stay blessed !! stay loved!!



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  • Pooja. That was awesome.
    I recollect what my professor said once
    Always remember when u do good things, don’t expect the same from that person. Good things will happen when u least expect it. That’s the law of life

  • Always Humanity wins .

    A timely benefit, -though thing of little worth,
    The gift itself, -in excellence transcends the earth – thirukkural 102
    A favour conferred in the time of need, though it be small (in itself), is (in value) much larger than the world.

  • Well narrated … we should keep helping …noboday knows how unexpectedly to will be returned..i also believe in karma

  • Another beautiful blogg mam❤❤its true i have also experienced the same many a times?it feels really good if ur good deeds come back to u in such memorable ways. Always be loving and caring and help out as best as u can and god will always be there for u in return??❤❤

  • A wonderful experience …well shared…and wish that humanity must exist all the time to keep us motivated towards being better homo sapiens sapiens..

  • Great pooja..what we do it comes back!so true if we all follow this funda im sure we will be able to eliminate many issues of life…

  • That’s amazing pooja..well narrated story.I remember my MBBS days when I used to travel from pune to Delhi on waiting tickets,but was not lucky enough like you to get the seat always??.Jokes apart ,moral of the story is always try to help others as best as you can god will always help you.?

  • ज़ब ज़ब पढ़ती हूँ हर बार नया प्रतीत होता हैं नई भावना नई उमंग, पूरा जोश, कुछ ही नई बहुत कुछ करने की इच्छा….. Great job