15 ways to be happy

Happiness is what makes our life going….a pleasant face brighten ups our day…it sparkles our lives…so here I ‘m mentioning about some of the wonderful ways which can create an impact on your personality forever….with lots of love…

  1. Acceptance– Stress is what we think we should be & relaxation is what we are!! Nobody is perfect…Neither I nor you… that’s the most crucial step we need to understand…stop running behind perfection…Imperfection has its own beauty….what we need to do is …simply accept what you are, embrace yourself with all your shortcomings (we all have it…so it’s just okay)…it’s okay to be totally imperfect!! Laugh at yourself…that’s lovely!!Image result for acceptance images                      Do remember You Are Good Enough!!


2.  Its okay to commit mistake– let me share a small story… when I was 7; I had gone to the local market with my younger brother to buy some stuff . Those were the days my mother deliberately used to send us; so that we may learn to handle little things in life… even after my best efforts I did wrong calculation, gave him more money and came back…I felt bad of the whole episode, but what my mother said made my day…she said..’the only person who doesn’t commit any mistake is the one who doesn’t do anything’…when you commit mistake that means you trying(Just make sure you don’t do the same mistake again)….so if you are getting jumbled up or landing confused or feeling tangled up…its just okay!! chill…

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3. Forgive yourself and everyone- Let me go back to my previous statement…no one is perfect…so it’s obvious we all will make mistakes…learn to forgive yourself for your past …even if it is a blooper!! there is a lot more ahead in your life…move on…nazar ko badaliye, nazarein badal jaayenge  (when you change the way you look at things, the things change).

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Forgiveness is the virtue of the brave!!

4.  Indulge in some sorts of activity- sedentary life style has crept in lots & lots of anxiety and stress…Anxiety, stress, panic attacks, attention deficits have been found to be correlated with one another…Exercise on the other hand, stimulate us, any sort of recreational activity has a very positive impact on our mental wellbeing…Image result for cycling pics

Get yourself actively involved in some sort of activity…either jogging, painting, swimming or try to learn some new instrument…Do YOGA…Meditation …To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders…


5. Add purpose to your life…The greatest purpose of life is…living a life loving and serving people!! Extend your hand to help them…teach some poor kids, buy books for them , get them new cloths or just sponsor their school fees…Nothing on earth can be more beautiful than that…

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and we dont need reason to help others….by helping others, we help ourselves…


6. Keeping Gratitude- There must be hundreds of people who might have helped us in achieving or reaching the heights we are today…Be thankful to them and show them…

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‘Be thankful for what you have; you will end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough..’- Oprah Winfrey!!


7.  Socialize- we can’t just stay in our own corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you…Just get up and go to them!!! Meet as many people as possibletalk to each one of them…listen to their experiences…it really changes our outlook towards life…Stay Connected!!

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8. Count your blessings…Ironically if we get 95 of the 100 things we asked for; we tend to cry for those 5 things that we dint get, instead of being happy for the 95% of the stuff we are aided with…’I cried because I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet’..

We are born in a family where our parents could educate us…(this wasnt in our hands to choose our parents, many kids still struggle to get proper education..)

A huge number of people die daily of some accident or diseases with no fault of their own…they were absolutely innocent as we are …feel the bliss that we are alive and healthy!!Live like it’s a last day of your life…

Count your blessings, not your problems. Count your own blessings, not someone else’s. Remember that jealousy is when you count someone else’s blessings instead of your own.” –Roy T Bennett…Keep a Count on your smiles, instead of your tears…Count on God,and keep going!!

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9. What we think about ourself is way more important than what other people think of us…we often oscillate between log kya kahenge(what people will say) and hum khud kya chahte hein(what we want in our life)…we can’t take happiness to another level when we ourself are not content or happy!!

so please please yourself before you please others…because there always exist one set of people who would find fault in you, no matter what you do!!

Make yourself a priority!! live your  life…with ur own terms …

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10.  Believe in Yourself– whatever human mind can conceive, we can achieve… If we ourselves can’t keep faith on us, then who else would do???…keep trust in yourself and you would be unstoppable!!!

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11.  Unburden yourself-  lets start the journey as a kid… we were always happy because we never had to plan anything…we never gave a thought what my school is supposed to be or what i m supposed to be like…how my cloths to be like….we were in a world of today…and we were all good!!! 

Now the major drawback of growing up is we have taken up all the responsibilities…even of those aspects of life which aren’t in our hands…I believe we always carry some plan for life…how are we supposed to carry out things .. how our partner supposed to behave or how our children should be…and there  goes a never ending list…and this never happens the way we had planned because it never does; and we land up worried & depressed…

Don’t think that you are the person who has all the burden of this world…the world will continue irrespective you are here or not…so be the part of world and spread happiness….

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12. Content at work-we all work hard to achieve our goals in life…its pretty possible that we might have worked alot and not able to achieve to the extent, we think we actually deserved….that causes lots of dissatisfaction and unhappiness ..the key is.. work hard to achieve whatever you want in life, and accept whatever little you got!!!… there are hundreds of ways by which we all can grow. dont end up frustrated in life…“Kabhi kisi ko mukammil jahan nahi milta, Kahin zameen kahin aasman nahi milta’’

Image result for work hard to achieve whatever you want in life, and accept whatever little you got!!!


13. Find happiness in small things in liferejuvenate  kid in you!!…relish happiness in small day to day events!!! Your happiness will be never ending then…stay blessed..

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14. Spend money on experiences–  Travel!!   just go ..go out to appreciate beauty of the world!! spread your wings and fly…own the sky!!

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15. Stop overthinking…the only problem with overthinking is…it often create the problem which never ever existed….when we cannot laugh at the same joke again n again; why is that we are always cribbing for the same problem..stop holding the glass of water for long…keep it down….Its okay not to understand everything…so please dont trouble yourself to understand every damn thing on this planet…you can be more peaceful when you dont bother much…especially for things which aint in our hands….

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welcome to the world of happiness…

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stay tuned for my next blog….take care…love you all…


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